Fun with my grandson

A couple of days ago my grandsons came over to visit.  It was a holiday so we had fun playing games and eating food. Later my older grandson devised a game for just the two of us.  We had to pick cherries (only red juicy) to find out who chose the best cherries. Image



Today while I was weeding my tomato garden, I came across a caterpillar. I was immediately flooded with childhood memories of putting these creatures in washed out mayonaise bottles with food and holes in the bottle top so the caterpillar could get air. I decided that this was a great way for my grandsons to see a caterpillar change into a butterfly. So I found a bottle- it was not a mayonaise bottle, but a bottle none the less, I put some leaves for food in the bottle and holes in the top for air. Now we will watch and see what happens. This should be funto watch. Learning begin at home.

Mother’s Day

IMG_0214I am blessed to be the mother of two wonderful sons. They have added joy and happiness to my life. I have lots of wonderful memories of them growing up at home. Home is where everything begins. My sons also along with their wives given me five beautiful grandchildren who love me unconditionally. They laugh freely, accept me as I am and call me Gran. It is a great day to be a mother and a grandmother.

Loving the outdoors

I was thinking that nature is a great resource for families. The love for snails, birds, trees, butterflies and all  living things starts at home. Have you seen a child pick a flower or a weed and present it to his or her mother? Have you seen a child run along the beach or chase a butterfly? Children are born with a sense of wonderment and an affinity for nature. When we as caregivers  tap into their passion for living things  we open possibilities for the healthy , creative and emotional growth of a child. A love for nature begins at home!ImageImage